Strait Experiences Partners With Palmer Consultancy

Strait Experience partners with Palmer Consultancy to develop tourism business as well as promote sustainable tourism for the Torres Strait region

In what is understood to be a regional first, two leading private businesses have teamed up to build business capacity to support local indigenous businesses.

Strait Experience is proud to announce a partnership with Palmer Consultancy to support both existing and future Tourism Businesses in the region through a new arrangement which will undertake an initial health check and business advice to all Operators which join Strait Experience. This means that not only is Strait Experience the best platform for local tourism operators to expand their business profile, but it is also a starting point to develop and soundcheck any other marketing, advertising, websites, or business question local operators may have.

Palmer Consultancy is based on Thursday Island and is a regional leader in economic development and business support. Lead by John Palmer who has called the region home for over 7 years. He brings an enormous amount of local management experience in both Public and Private sectors as well as previous experience overseas for a major international company.

If you would like to learn more about how Strait Experience or Palmer Consultancy can support, please don’t hesitate to contact us.