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Masig Island Discovery From The Cape



An Unforgettable Connection to Indigenous Heritage

Step into the heart of Masig, nestled in the enchanting Torres Strait, and embark on an incredible expedition into the rich tapestry of indigenous culture. This voyage isn’t just a tour, it’s a heartfelt invitation to partake in the preservation of heritage and the cultivation of community well-being.

Masig Island Discovery from the Cape
Departs: Bamaga Island 9:00 AM
Returns: Bamaga Island 6:30 PM
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Begin your expedition with a 40-minute flight that transcends the ordinary. You will have a choice of departing from Horn Island Airport or Bamaga Airport. If you require, the option of a return coach transfer, this is available, ensuring accessibility for all. As you soar above the glistening aqua blue reef, a world of boundless wonder unfurls beneath you. Each moment in the air is a brushstroke painting a masterpiece of untouched nature and remote allure. This flight isn’t just a means of transportation, it’s a portal to understanding the geography of seclusion. The isolation of these islands unveils their pristine majesty and unveils a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. As you traverse from island to island, you’ll feel the resonance of untouched land, beckoning explorers to unravel its secrets.
Begin your journey with a soul-stirring “Welcome to Country” ceremony led by revered Elders. This solemn ritual unveils the depth of history and traditions intertwined with the land, fostering an unbreakable bond of reverence and admiration for the local culture.

Embark on a captivating two-hour guided stroll through the stunning panoramas of Masig. Immerse yourself in the stories of the land, as you learn about the age-old uses of indigenous flora for medicinal purposes. Witness the wisdom of generations come alive as you uncover the relevance of these traditional practices in the contemporary world. This is a comfortable walk and there are no hills involved, just stunning views.

Experience the thrill of hands-on learning as you delve into the art of basket weaving and spear making. These time-honoured skills provide an intimate glimpse into the enduring fishing traditions that have nourished the community across eras. As spears continue to find purpose in the present day, you’ll be privileged to glimpse the interplay between heritage and survival.
Savour the flavours of history during a sumptuous cultural lunch meticulously prepared by your local guide. Delight your taste buds with authentic dishes that serve as a portal to the culinary legacy of the region. Each bite carries the essence of ancestral flavours, connecting you to the vibrant tapestry of Torres Strait culture.


Masig (Yorke) Island is part of the Central Islands, a cluster of sand cays, with beautiful beaches. This tiny cay is everything an idyllic, tropical destination should be. A green gem in a blue sea, measuring no more than 800m wide and 2.7km long, with coconut tree fringed sandy beaches. Surrounded by stunningly clear, vibrant blue waters, home to coral gardens and an array of marine creatures, including turtles and dugongs. The ground level is no more than 3m above sea level and more than half of Masig retains undisturbed vegetation. The island’s permanent population numbers less than 300 and their cultural context has been passed on through languages and traditional upbringing, as a way of life by their ancestors from time immemorial.

Inclusions and Extras

  • Return flights between Bamaga & Masig Island
  • Cultural Experience: Welcome to  Country
  • Cultural 2 hour island tour accompanied by an experienced Torres Strait Islander Guide
  • Hands-on experiences: Basket weaving and Spear making
  • Culinary exploration: Authentic cultural lunch

Optional Extras

  • N/A
  • This flight is subject to weather conditions, strong winds etc. Should the pilots deem it not safe to fly due to weather conditions on the day a full refund will be given.
  • Maximum payload of 600kg including luggage. Weights must be taken on booking
  • A credit will be issued should the trip need to be suspended due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions

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