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Strait Experience Launches Australia's Most Unique One Day Tour


From 2022, Strait Experience is proud to be launching Australia’s most unique one-day tour… an exclusive trip that uses private charter provided by Skytrans to travel almost one-third of Queensland from Cairns to Horn Island in the Torres Strait for an extraordinary experience learning about local indigenous history and the post-colonial heritage.

Strait Experience Becomes A Proud Member Of Supply Nation


We are pleased to announce that Strait Experience has received its registration approval with Supply Nation. Supply Nation is the Australian leader in supplier diversity and bring together the biggest national database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

5 Reasons Why The Torres Strait Needs To Be On Your 2022 Bucket List


The Torres Strait’s is not just a geographical connection between Australia and New Guinea but a cultural connection between Melanesian and Aboriginal people. It is a place where two of the world’s oldest continuing cultures have met in both peace and war for over 45000 years.

Strait Experiences Partners With Palmer Consultancy


Strait Experience partners with Palmer Consultancy to develop tourism business as well as promote sustainable tourism for the Torres Strait region