How To Get Here

You can visit the Torres Strait Islands by Air or Sea.

By Air

  • Qantas and Skytrans fly from Cairns to Horn Island daily.
  • From Horn Island several on-ward journey flights can be arranged with Skytrans, Torres Air and Cape Air to the outer islands however you must arrange permission from the appropriate indigenous council beforehand (this can be complicated Strait Experience complete this as part of our service).
  • There are several helicopter companies which can offer exclusive and tailored flights. This can be expensive but is an extraordinary experience. Most pilots are incredibly knowledgeable and will be able to point-out interesting landmarks.

By Sea

  • If you’re driving up through Cape York, you can catch a ferry across to Thursday Island.
  • If arriving by cruise, your ship will anchor in the harbour, and you’ll be taken to Thursday Island by tender.
  • Seaswift (the only shipping company to the region) also offers liveaboard trips as part of their scheduled cargo service.
  • Boat services at Horn Island also connected regularly to Thursday Island.